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Imagine - Whatever It Takes

Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to us, and we sincerely appreciate all the support you can give!

This team is named Imagine - Whatever It Takes.

Imagine honors the song that my Dad selected for us to dance for our father/daughter dance. 13 years ago in March, my Dad received a life altering diagnosis - Stage IVB adenocarcinoma aka lung cancer. He was diagnosed in March and gone in November. It was earth shattering. 2 years later, our Grandma received the same diagnosis in an earlier stage - thankfully, she is a two-time survivor of lung cancer.

Whatever It Takes honors Jeremy Killen. In early 2017, I was eating at a local favorite restaurant, OHSO Paradise Valley, when I saw a fundraiser for a young father with stage IV lung cancer. I immediately contacted the owner to learn more. It turned out that the family was part of the same community where I devote most of my time. Their fundraiser was really successful and I was delighted to finally meet the Killens. I am honored to have the Killen family joining me to walk for a cure for lung cancer this year.

There have been so many advancements in treatment since my Dad was diagnosed, but that is still not enough. We would like to see a cure. I would like to see Jeremy make many more memories together with Robbi and his kids.

Let's IMAGINE the cure and do WHATEVER IT TAKES to make it possible.

Together we can make a difference!



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